The Tomb of the Triclinium

Tomba del Triclinio

Period: Around 470 BCE

Shape: Single chamber with long dromos.

The painted walls of the Tomb of the Triclinium have been carefully removed and relocated to the local museum in order to avoid any further deterioration.

The subject matter of these paintings is very similar to that of the Tomb of the Leopards. On the end wall the banqueters recline on couches, entertained by musicians and waited on by servants. A typically elongated Etruscan cat prowls under one of the couches on the lookout for morsels. Above the couches funerary wreaths are painted to give the impression of being suspended from the walls. The long side wall is filled with the figures of dancers and musicians playing together in an idyllic setting with birds and olive trees.


The mensola is replaced by an elaborate fruit vine with a kneeling figure on each side. The roof, like that of the Tomb of the Leopards, is decorated with a checkerboard design. The fineness of line and delicate coloring, however, suggest an artist more familiar with Greek models.