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This "Etruscan Library" started off on Ancient Sites (sadly now off-line), and was first compiled by "Tuscus Sempronius" on that site. The references in the original library were used as a nucleus for this new library, and I gratefully acknowledge the previous contributions of Tuscus Sempronius to this project. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me . I would welcome any recommendations , particularly for newer publications. Web Sites links here are published at the discretion of the author.

General Introductions

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A new and very worthwhile introduction to the Etruscans. Excellent Illustrations (See Bryn Mawr Review)

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Etruscan Art

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Historical Novels

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Dated, But Still Worthwhile:

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Two Old Classics Reissued (various editions)

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The Mother of Etruscan Bibliographies

Fay, George Emory. 1981. A Bibliography of Etruscan Culture and Archaeology. [1498-1981]. OCPS: Occasional Publications in Classical Studies, Monograph no. 1. University of Northern Colorado at Greeley. Two volumes: A-J and K-Z. Approximately 5000 entries over nearly five centuries.

Also Refer to Ancient Historical Sources

If you want to have a go at some Etruscan Word processing, try this Etruscan True Type Font. It is designed for PC's, but a Mac version can be provided on request. It comes as a zip file, and requires Winzip.

Etruscan Web Links


This section of the Etruscan library contains links to Etruscan sites. The pages pop up as separate windows. The objective is to categorise the links into different topics.

(Suggest a link by using my feedback link on the Glossary & Educational Resources Section)


The Etruscans
A Good General Site: Follow Larth in his adventures (multilingual)


Etruscan Glossary Online
Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo. A comprehensive site, which gives extensive comparisons of Etruscan words with other languages. This link is currently (Nov 16 2001)down. I have left it in place in case it is restored.

Etruscan Dictionary by Damien Erwan Perrotin. A nice resource by a Breton author who thinks the French Language is only good for buying bread at the shop. The rest of the website is also very impressive, especially the essay on Etruscan and Mediterranean languages

Thanchvil Cilnei's Language Page
A Review of Etruscan Grammar - a translation from Dutch of Chapter 7 of "De Etrusken Spreken" by R.S.P. Beekes and L.B. van der Meer (Coutinho, Muiderberg 1991).

Thanchvil Cilnei's Page on the Liber Linteus
A Review of Etruscan Grammar - a translation from Dutch of Chapter 4 of "De Etrusken Spreken" by R.S.P. Beekes and L.B. van der Meer (Coutinho, Muiderberg 1991).

Thanchvil Cilnei's - Four Short Articles on Etruscan Language

Etruscan Language page from "The Mysterious Etruscans" (Marce Camitlnas)

Etruscan Vocabulary

The Liber Lintaeus
Gabor Z. Bodroghy's suberb site on the Liber Lintaeus of Zagreb

Etruscan Philology Online
- Mostly in Italian, but excellent for the inscriptions alone. See also the section on Alphabet and the Etruscan numbering system


Etruscan Net
One of the best Etruscan bibliographies on the web.

Art,Artifacts & Architecture

Musei Toscani (list of museums where you can see Etruscan Art)

Museo Gregorio Etrusco I (Vatican)

Museo Gregorio Etrusco II (Vatican)


Thanchvil Cilnei's Etruria

Community Zero Etruria


The Art of the Haruspex
This is an incredibly detailed site on haruspicy, although I don't subscribe to the ritual side of it.

Montovolo: perhaps an Ancient Oracular Centre
Site by Graziano Baccollini. An interesting new theory.

Julia Hayden's - Ancient World Web - Excellent resource - searchable

(a full list of Etruscan deities and their main functions)


Origins of the Etruscans

The Villanovans


InfoRoma - A brief Etruscan page

A Tour guide of Etruria

The controversial "Etruscopolis" in Tarquinia

The Vulci Archeological area Nice pictures, but it misses the point. Vulci was a great major centre of bronze craft. The reason there are no rich finds is that all the tombs were ruthlessly plundered and destroyed in the 19th century, but I suspect they would have rivalled Caere. We shall never know.


Rasenna (French)
En fait c'est le seul site francophone généraliste existant actuellement sur les Étrusques. Ce site inclut la version électronique intégrale de l'ouvrage de Jean-René Jannot, - "A la rencontre des Etrusques,"

Etruskerne (Danish)
Denne hjemmeside er den første danske side helliget etruskerne.

Liber Lintaeus (Hungarian)
Hungarian version of Gabor Z.Bodroghy's site on the Liber Linteus.

(Veio (Italian)

Etruscan Philology Online
Questo sito è indirizzato sia agli studiosi specialisti in etruscologia (sulle iscrizioni etrusche) eccellente!

(Tombe di Cerveteri (Italian)

The Etruscan Portrait (Russian)

The charter and home page of the CDPE

The City of Clusium

The City of Populonia

The City of Volsinii